Crazy Hair DayI am unapologetically woman, mother, teacher, sister, friend, adviser, counselor, professional, advocate, listener, worshiper, poet, writer, singer, oh and did I say mother. I’m sure there are more that I’m leaving out, but I feel a brain freeze coming on. Woosah! (Thank you #Martin Lawrence)

In an ocean of a million plus blogs on teaching, education, and parenting, I’ve thrown my many hats in and hope you enjoy the ride. This blog is about filtering through the sea of hash-tags and likes and focusing on the things we as parents and educators want to know and talk about when it comes to our kids and our sanity.

1 Teach ‘N Momma is about “shouting out” all the cool kids and great classrooms/teachers in our communities. It is about providing and sharing fun, cool ideas and/or activities that your students/kids will love :-) . 1 Teach ‘N Momma is also about giving parents and educators a place to discuss the issues and topics important to them in education and parenting.

So is this a personal soap box…yes…. especially if I am having a bad day…lol. But it is really for you. As a teacher and single-parent, sometimes, it is nice to have a place to turn to where you can just be unapologetically you.

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Fun Facts About Me

  1. I love JERK CHICKEN. #Jerkvilla #Uncle Joe’s #Mr. Brown’s Lounge.
  2. I have two great, quirky kids that like to count the gray hairs in mommy’s head. #RevlonColorsilknomonia
  3. My prize possession is my bookcase.
  4. I love teaching the primary grades 1st-3rd.
  5. I can actually sing. Coming to a post near you soon!
  6. Goal to lose 65lbs by Christmas! Cheer me on because it’s not going so good Lol…
  7. My faith keeps me sane. Scouts honor :-) .

Ok now that we’re friends…1, 2, 3 all eyes on me! Let’s begin…

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